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  • Recycle Your Pool Water
    Save 90%
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    With Soft, Silky Water
  • Increase Equipment
    Life Drastically
  • Save on Chlorine
    Chemicals and Water Re-fills

Recycle your pool water


As you know, over time, calcium levels in your pool accumulate, and the water becomes "harder".

This is not something that you may directly feel, but your pool, your pocket and your health do suffer the impact:


  • As calcium in the water acts like a "sponge", it absorbs much of the chlorine you add to the water, so it cannot properly do its job to sanitize your pool water. So you have to add much more chlorine each time, don't even achieve the same effect anyway.
  • The same goes for other chemicals you add to your pool water. You simply have to add more and more, because calcium obstructs their performance. So your pool gets increasingly loaded with chemicals. Really not good for your skin or hair
  • Calcium builds up in your pool's tiles and interior finish, degrading their appearance. And as time passes by, calcium deposits become harder to remove.
  • Calcium affects your pool pump, filters and heater as well, rendering them inefficient and even causing obstruction and malfunction that will end up costing you.

Why is recycling the water the smartest choice to fix this?

As a result of calcium and other undesirable mineral and organic residue buildup, the only available solution until now was to completely drain the pool and re-fill it. Thousands of gallons of water, completely wasted.

  • Rob's Pool Water Recycling has specially designed "reverse osmosis" equipment installed in a mobile trailer:
  • It takes the water from your pool and makes it pass under high pressure through a series of membranes that extract all unwanted mineral and organic content.
  • The water is sent back to the pool, in purified state. You can even take a glass and drink it!
  • We will reutilize 90% of your pool's water, and only 10% of new municipal water has to be added.
  • An additional benefit, is that you keep your pool's hydrostatic pressure and prevent cracking from occurring in its structure. Imagine the weight of 20,000 or 40,000 gallons of water pushing the pool's walls against the ground, and then suddenly emptying it and releasing all the pressure of the soil against the walls.
  • The water in a typical size pool is completely renewed between 12 and 24 hours.

Our Background


With several years' experience and dozens of satisfied clients in the Ventura and Los Angeles counties aries, stands by the quality of its work and guarantees a job well done from the first visit.

We treat your pool as if it was yours. Your family's safety and health are paramount for us. Rest assured that we will verify all chemical levels so that your pool experience is enjoyable... and safe for your skin.

Recycling your pool water is one of the wisest decisions you can make. It benefits your pool equipment, the quality of the water where you swim, your pocket and the environment, just in a few hours.


Save water, money and health problems. Recycle today.


Why does calcium build up?

Your municipal water typically contains between 200 and 400 ppm (parts per million) of calcium. This is OK for your pool to normally operate. However, calcium and other unwanted minerals and organic matter build up because:

  • The sun gradually evaporates some gallons from your pool every day, therefore the water that remains in the pool has a higher concentration of these particles.
  • Everytime you get in and out of it, and every splash, causes it to lose water.
  • Suntan oil, dust from rain and wind, microorganisms and bacteria add residue as well

Pool Water Recycling System

How effective is this filtering equipment?


Rob's Pool Water Recycling utilizes the latest reverse osmosis technology. Moreover, we have utilized our 10 years' knowledge about local water quality and optimium chemical levels, and further added specially built filters and sanitization devices.

The result: drinking quality, pure water.

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